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'How do I cool down my MacBook?' has been a question asked for many years - virtually ever since MacBooks became powerful enough to do more than just web browsing and word processing.  With increasingly powerful processors being squeezed inside MacBooks upon every refresh, dispersing the heat generated by those processors has become a problem that many users, professionals and consumers alike, are facing.  So far the best solution for overheating issues has been to buy a traditional laptop cooling pad, which while are pretty efficient in cooling down your Mac, are also bulky, ugly, noisy and a pain to carry around.

But a potential new product could change all of this, providing a superior way to cool your MacBook via an innovative idea that no-one has used before.   Read on to find out more.

What exactly is it?  

'Cool', shown in the photo to the right, is a cooler for your MacBook that does what no other laptop cooler has done before.  Instead of using extra fans housed inside of a separate device to keep your MacBook's temps down, Cool simply builds upon your Mac's existing heat dispersal system.  The device is not a cooling pad like this, but rather a replacement for the bottom plate of the computer (it replaces this thing).  This means it becomes part of your laptop, which is incredibly convenient compared to a seperate pad you have to lug around everywhere!

How does it work?

The standard backplate on the MacBook Pro is very close to the heat-generating components, giving minimal room for the heat to flow down to the back of the computer and escape through the hinge (where the vents are).  This tight proximity stops the heat from escaping as fast, causing three inconvenient things to happen:  The fans to spin up (creating noise and wasting battery power), the components of your Mac to overheat (shortening their life) and your lap getting hot (uncomfortable, and not good for your health over long periods of time).

Above:  The Cool backplate, which replaces your MacBook's standard backplate. 

Cool fixes all of these issues, by simply giving your MacBook more room to breathe.  As you can see in the photo at the top of this page, the Cool backplate makes the computer a bit thicker at the back, so there is more room between the components and the bottom on the laptop.  This means that the heat can escape out the back of the computer much more easily, keeping the components cool, and the extra distance between the components and your lap will keep you cooler, too! 

Has Cool been proven to work?

In theory the Cool backplate should work to drop your MacBook's temperatures - but does it?  And by how much?  

The inventors of Cool have performed various tests, such as the one above, that showed the product to drop the CPU temperature of 2010 MacBook Pro's by 10-20F (5-10C) on average.  Whatsmore the fan speed, whose rise usually coincides with the temperature's drop, actually dropped as well.  The graph below is for the same test as the graph above, but this one shows the fan speed instead of the temperature.  And as you can see when you compare the two, the temperature goes down while the fan speed also does down.  This means that in addition to you and your MacBook being kept cooler, you also won't have to put up with that annoying whining noise from the fans - not to mention the battery power that will be saved by having the fans running slower!

For gaming, here's a graph that shows how the temperature of a MacBook Pro running StarCraft with and without the Cool backplate installed.  As you can see, the temps are over 20F (12C) lower when the laptop has Cool installed.  Again, all while the fans are running at a lower speed.

How much does Cool cost?  And where can I buy it?

The Cool backplate is not for sale yet, as the producers are still at the stage of obtaining enough funds to begin mass-scale manufacturing.  The producers are hoping to get enough funds via their kickstarter campaign (which you can see on the right), so if you want one of these innovative backplates, please consider pledging a few dollars on their kickstarter page.

If the Cool backplate does get to market it is expected to cost about $50-60USD, depending on how much the manufacturer charges.  While this may seem like quite a bit of money for a piece of aluminium, it is actually surprisingly cheap, when you consider that Apple charges upwards of $80USD for a replacement backplate.

Please note that the Cool backplate is available ONLY for classic unibody MacBook Pro's.  If you own a Retina MacBook Pro then it is probably still worth backing the project, as there are plans to bring out a version for the Retina later on.  However if you own a MacBook Air or a polycarbonate (plastic) MacBook, then it is very doubtful that a version of Cool will come out for your computer.  If you do own an Air or a plastic MacBook please refer to this page for some ways to cool your MacBook that work on ALL models.

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