MacReviver Review

MacReviver is a popular maintenance utility for OSX developed by ReviverSoft, who have developed similar software for Windows computers. In this article we will be going through all of the features that MacReviver offers so that you can decide whether or not you would like to purchase it (MacReviver can be purchased here, via the vendor's website).


The Shredder feature in MacReviver allows you to write over deleted files so that they cannot be recovered using forensics. The disadvantage is that this feature does not support solid state drives, which are used on most new Macs. The Shredder however can still be used for external hard drives that are not solid state.

Free Space Cleaner

The Free Space Cleaning feature is similar to the Shredder feature listed above, except instead of writing over a specific file it writes over ALL of the free space on your Mac's hard drive. This means that any files you have deleted prior to running a Free Space Clean will not be able to be recovered via forensics.

Quick Cleanup

If you want to free up a few gigabytes of data on your Macs hard drive, the Quick Cleanup feature will allow you to clear out caches, logs and unneeded language files. Note that while this can free up a fair bit of space, clearing caches all the time of applications that you use frequently may cause these applications to slow down -- so don't go overboard with this tool!

Duplicates Finder

The Duplicates Finder feature in MacReviver allows you to find duplicates of files on your Mac, so that they can be deleted and thus save you space. 

Files Finder

The Files Finder allows you to sort files by their type as well as their age -- for example music, movies, documents, photos, old music, old movies etc. This is to help you find files that you have forgotten about but no longer need, so that they can be deleted and disk space can be freed up.

Disk Usage

 The Disk Usage tool shows you the folders on your Mac that are taking up the most space, so that you can delete or move them to external media in order to free up space on your Mac's main drive.


The Uninstaller in MacReviver allows you to uninstall applications as well as all associated files, as when deleting an application normally there are often supporting files left behind that take up space on your Mac's hard drive.

StartUp Items

The StartUp items pane allows you to select which applications and utilities you would like to automatically open when you Mac turns on or logs in. Having a bunch of unwanted applications opening on startup can make your Mac sluggish when you turn it on, so this tool can help significantly in improving the startup speed.

Default Application 

This feature in MacReviver allows you to change the default application for opening various types of files. Changing the default application can save time if you use various third part applications on your Mac rather than the default ones that comes with OSX. For example, if you prefer to use VLC to open MP4 files rather than Quicktime, you can select VLC here as the default application for opening MP4 files so that you don't have to right click and choose "open with > VLC" every time you play a MP4.

Battery Optimization 

The battery optimization pane allows you to create different power usage profiles for when your Mac is on AC power and when it is on battery power. So for example if you would like the screen brightness to be 100% when you are on AC power but 80% when on battery power to make the battery last longer, you can do this from the battery optimization pane.

If after seeing the features MacReviver offers you would like to buy it, simply click here to purchase the software from the vendor's website. Credit card and PayPal are accepted, and MacReviver can be purchased in any country as the software is a digital download. If you have any questions about MacReviver feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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