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All Noise but no Heat? 

If you find that your Mac's fans are very noisy (as in, they are revved right up) all the time, despite the fact that there's no excessive heat being generated, your Mac may have a glitch in the System Management Controller (SMC). Fortunately resetting the SMC is rather easy... [Keep Reading]

What is Flash Content?

If you've ever looked up how to prevent your mac from overheating or how to extend it's battery life you more than likely have heard the term 'Flash Content' and may be wondering what it is. That's what this post will explain to you... [Keep Reading]

Is it Safe to use a Keyboard Cover on your Mac? 

"Keyboard Covers should be avoided because your MacBook vents through the keyboard". This is a very common misconception - No MacBook has ever vented through the keyboard. Ever. So why do many people think this is so... [Keep Reading]

What is Spotlight Indexing?

Hi there - If you're reading this article you'd be wondering what a thing called "Spotlight Indexing" is. And subsequently that is what I will endeavour to explain in this article... [Keep Reading]

Is it Safe to close your MacBook while using an external Monitor?

With the power of the modern laptops ever-increasing, many find that their MacBook has all the processing and graphics capabilities they need for a desktop set-up - This has fuelled a rise in the popularity of using external monitors, mice and keyboards to turn MacBooks into desktops when the extra screen real estate is required (or preferred). However due to the fact that the laptop is not required to be open when connected to an external monitor, the question of wether it's safe to shut your MacBook while using it in 'desk mode' often comes up... [Keep Reading]

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